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What is FireChain ?

The FireChain system has been developed in order to allow fast and easy escape from smoke and fire. The system is comprised of a heavy, hand-built chain ladder fitted with anti-slip grips. This is then specially rolled and secured within a rugged, hardened plastic case. The ladder is released by pulling a recessed pin from the lid of the unit. Gravity pulls the heavy ladder out and down, allowing easy access to the ground. The unit is shipped with a handrail that can be placed adjacent to the unit, aiding escape. The system ships with all fixings and easy to follow installation instructions, we even include the correct drill bits that you'll need.

The beauty of the FireChain system rests with its simplicity, any child who can open a window can release the Firechain and escape danger while also allowing assistance from ground level. The system is easily located and avctivated, enabling fast escape from smoke and fire. The system is the strongest of its type found in Europe and once fitted is maintenance free. We are so confident in the quality and workmanship of the FireChain that all units come with a 10 Year Warranty. If the unit is used (for whatever reason) simply return to us and we will give it a thorough check and repack. All you need to pay for is the postage.