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How to Install

Tools Required

Spirit Level, Hammer, Pencil, Tape Measure, Screwdriver, Spanner (19mm or adjustable), Hammer Drill (12mm capacity), Knife or Scissors


Windows should open freely and have unobstructed access. All masonary bolts should be drilled fully into sound brickwork, concrete or other suitable masonary. Allow 4" (100mm) of masonary around backplate. When installing beneath window ledges, leave a suitable space for the operating ring to be pulled free. (2" or 50mm).

Stage 1

Measure down 100mm from proposed top edge and draw a horizontal line
Mark centre of unit on the line, then measure 220mm either side of centre of the line and mark again.
At these two marks (440mm apart) drill 8mm holes with the masonary drill supplied.
Tap in plastic rawplug in both holes and screw fix unit with two dome headed screws and washers provided in holes marked with green spots.Do NOT over tighten.

Stage 2

Use 12mm masonary drill supplied and drill four holes to a depth of 100mm and install masonary bolts provided.
Back nuts up to end of thread and hammer bolt until washer is against backplate.
Tighten bolts with spanner, then slacken back two turnsand loosen both dome headed screws.
Carefully cut and remove white plastic transporting strips and bubble wrap before retightening bolts and screws.
Hand rail can be positioned as required. Drill and install as for main unit.


If you wish to blend the unit with the house colour this can be easily done by lightly rubbing unit with fine sandpaper and coating with masonary or oil based paints.
Ensure no paint is allowed between the plastic cover and the backplate, or plastic cover and operating ring.
Do not use cellulose or acrylic based paints on this unit.


This unit is carefully packed and should be returned for inspection and repacking after any use.
Shipping crate should be retained if at all possible.